What’s In My Roadtrip Makeup Bag?!


A wise bear once said, look for the bare necessities, the simple bare necessities. 

Now I’m pretty sure that song is about nature, and not makeup… But that’s ok.

I wasn’t able to pack very much on this road trip, and that means I wasn’t able to pack very much makeup either. Now I always have problems when doing this, because like packing clothes I think to myself, what if I want to use this other product?! I want options!!

So for my current Roadtrip makeup bag I wanted to pack both very easy and versatile products. I needed some options for the possibilities of going out for dinner, but mainly I needed basic travel-friendly light-weight makeup. 


  • Bourjois healthy mix serum: this might be getting repetitive, but this stuff is amazing. The smell of it is so lovely – and I normally hate products with scents – and it just has such a nice dewy finish. The coverage is light, but with some concealer it can give you an almost flawless, natural look. 
  • Almay clear complexion concealer: my go to spot concealer. It’s good stuff. I have talked about this before in previous posts. I love it. 
  • NARS creamy concealer: the best under eye concealer that exists on planet earth. Creamy and not drying, yet long lasting and great coverage. I never wanted to spend this much money on concealer, but I’m totally smitten. NARS got me good. 
  • Maybelline Fit me concealer: yes I know three concealers for a small makeup bad is a lot. You’re right. This one is just slightly darker than the NARS and I mix them depending on how tanned I am. I want to buy a darker shade of the NARS but.. Dats expensive… *said in Kathleen lights voice*. 
  • Sephora bronzer in Maui: this is really gorgeous for the summer with a slight shimmer. I’m reaching for it more and more as the summer rolls around! Matte bronzers just don’t do it for me in the summer. 
  • Kay Von D blush in belissima – sample size! Perfect for travels, such a lovely peachy pink. 
  • Clinique city block sheer: I am still on the hunt for an SPF that doesn’t make my skin freak out. I tried Cerave AM and it absolutely does not work for me. Breakout city. Anyways, this summer I’m going to give this product a go. I thought I would take it with me to use if I needed an SPF. (Any recommendations for sunscreen are welcome!)


  • Maybelline lash sensational mascara: I just keep coming back to this bad boy! This mascara does it all for me, and after trying many others – including Rollerlash – I’m convinced that this is my true HG. Rollerlash just didn’t do it for me. Review to come!  
  • Wet and wild eyeshadow trio in walking on eggshells: the lid shade in this trio is beautiful for green eyes. Every time I wear it I get complements. It’s such an easy trio to carry around. The only thing that bugs me is the crease shade is shimmery as well, but if I need a matte shade I use my bronzer! 
  • Urban decay 24/7 liner: easy, simple, doesn’t smudge, I wouldn’t pick anything else at this point. 
  • Rimmel kohl waterproof liner in nude: I’ve gone through two of these already. I use this on my waterline. It stays put and is the perfect shade to get that awake, big eye effect. I know MAC has one that a lot of people use, but this one is like $5… 


  • Real Techniques multitask brush: perfect for blush, bronzer or powder. In guess that’s why it’s called multitask!
  • Sonia Kashiuk shadow brush: I honestly ended up using my finger to do a wash of colour, so I really didn’t need this. 
  • Eco tools flat top buffing brush: my holy grail foundation brush. Similar to any high end flat top like the sigma f80, except it has a pretty small top and I like that better as I find it easier to use! Oh and it’s way cheaper! I really recommend this brush!

Also for lips I had my usual NYX butter gloss in  creme brûlée and for powder I had Rimmel Stay Matte! 


No-Buy / Lo-Buy Tag!


It has been three weeks since I started my no-buy and I am pretty proud of myself! I don’t feel any richer yet with all the money I’ve ‘saved’, I managed to spend tons of money at the grocery store in the last few weeks. Whoops. Guess I just like any kind of shopping…

Thank you Styled With Joy and Stash Matters for creating this wonderful tag and thanks Joy for bringing it to my attention!

Here we go!

1. When did you start your No Buy / Lo Buy? How long is your No Buy / Lo Buy going to last?

I started my No-buy on March 23rd, so three weeks ago. I plan on it lasting a few months, but right now my main focus is for April 27th when I go to England. I can’t wait to wander every single aisle in Boots and Superdrug and I know I’ll be doing quite a bit of shopping!!

2. Why did you decide to go on a No Buy / Lo Buy?

I decided to go on a no-buy after receiving quite a few amazing gifts for my birthday and realizing I need to give my products more love. I was getting so into trying new things that I was forgetting how much I love the products I already own! It’s about time I really dig into my products, hit a few pans and accumulate a few empties!

3. Have you ever attempted a No Buy / Lo Buy before? If so, how did it go?

I have never really gone on a serious no-buy before. I was supposed to go on one from November to Christmas… that didn’t happen LOL.

4. What do you hope to achieve with your No Buy / Lo Buy?

My biggest goals for my no-buy are:

  • Use up products I’ve had for a while (like my mountain of moisturizers…)
  • Hit pan on a few makeup products
  • Rediscover the love for the products I already own
  • Save money!

5. What product(s) have you hit pan on since starting the Makeup No Buy?

I have hit pan on only two things so far: My Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Dollface and my MAC Studio fix powder.

6. Do you have more empties because of it? What product do you miss the most?

I have so many empties already!! I will be doing an empties post soon!

I just used up my small tube of the Origins Clear Improvement Mask and I miss it already…

7. Do you think you can survive the ban from makeup?

No… Do I need to elaborate?

8. What is the one product you envy right now but can’t get? For eyes? For lips?And for face?

I really really want the Tarte Tartlette Matte Eyeshadow Palette, it’s sooo pretty and I need to invest in some matte shadows. For lips I really want to try the new Maybelline bloom lipsticks. And for face I have wanted to get my hands on the NARS All Day Luminous Foundation for months now!

9. Have you cheated and bought something already?

Hm, well, here’s the thing, I had a Sephora gift card and I bought a rollerball of Tokyomilk Dark Tainted Love. So technically I didn’t spend any money… but yes i did purchase it. I justified it because it wasn’t makeup and I didn’t spend money, so I guess I half cheated.

I also needed to buy eye makeup remover and face moisturizer, but those are necessities and don’t count. Other than that I haven’t bought anything else!

10. After your No Buy / Lo Buy, are you planning a big haul? What are you going to buy?

I’m planning a huge haul in England and I’m SO excited. On my list is:

  • Bourjois 123 perfect CC cream
  • Collection lasting perfection concealer
  • Sleek contour and highlight kit
  • Sleek blush trio in lace
  • Sleek blush in nude
  • Soap and Glory archery brow pencil
  • Barry M natural bronzer
  • Kiko orange concealer
  • Tanya Burr lip gloss + lashes

And the brands I want to look at in general:

  • No 7
  • Jo Malone
  • Kiko
  • Soap and Glory
  • Mememe
  • MUA
  • Illamasqua
  • Real Techniques
  • Rimmel (more selection!)

I am very excited! If you have any recommendations for shopping in England, I would LOVE to hear them!

Thank you for reading! If you’re on a no-buy as well, feel free to tag yourself 😉

Problem and Solution – Foundation Longevity!

Ever have one of those moments when you look into a mirror midway through a busy day and you realize, oh my gosh my face is melting?

Longevity of foundation is an issue many of us deal with, especially those with combo/oily skin. Even with all the extra steps – primer, powder, setting spray – sometimes it seems nothing helps! If you’re like me and prefer a natural/dewy finish, you know this is the hardest finish to master as there is a tiny tiny line between dewy and face-melting-off…

I have many foundations that I absolutely love, but sometimes can’t bring myself to use if I know I will be out all day. Bourjois Healthy Mix, Rimmel Wake Me Up, NARS Sheer Glow, Flower Beauty About Face… they’re all such beautiful foundations, but they just don’t last well on my skin.

I’ve been on a mission to make these lovely foundations last longer, and I’ve narrowed it down to a few tips that have really helped!

  • Use a day moisturizer that is appropriate for your skin. The right moisturizer will help balance the dryness/oils of your skin, and in turn to help from being too oily throughout the day. Your skins natural oils and the oils in your moisturizer can both contribute to your foundation breaking up throughout the day. Try a light moisturizer that is oil free during the day. I use a heavier moisturizer at night when it doesn’t matter!
  • Let your moisturizer sink into your skin! This is so important. Before you apply your makeup, you need to wait at least 5-10 minutes so your moisturizer sets. I wash my face, apply my moisturizer, go make my morning protein shake and coffee, and THEN I do my makeup.
  • Primer is of course really helpful to create a smooth base and to make your foundation last longer, but using the right primer is very important as well. There are moisturizing primers, mattifying primers, silicone primers, water-based primers, and many many more. Doing your research before choosing a primer is always a good idea. And again, allow your primer to set before you apply your foundation.
  • Set your foundation with an appropriate powder. There are setting powders, there are finishing powders and there are HD powders and they are not the same thing. Find a great powder for your skin that doesn’t cause cake-face, doesn’t cause flash-back and keeps you matte. Nothing is going to keep you perfectly matte for the entire day, that’s what touch-ups are for, but you can find a powder that will work for you overtime. I really love Rimmel Stay Matte. It’s a great inexpensive drug store option.
  • Use a setting spray. Again, this is of course helpful to make your foundation last longer. I like to describe this as hairspray for your face because I mean lets be real, that’s pretty much what it is. I love to use Urban Decay All-Nighter spray, it really helps.

Now, if you’ve done all this and still have problems getting your foundation to last longer, here’s my secret: mixing foundations. I have done this for a long time and I have found some combinations that work wonderfully. This is not only a good trick to get the finish and lasting power you want, but also the shade you want. It is truly rare to find a foundation that matches you absolutely perfectly. My closest match is NARS Deauville, but the second I get a tan it’s totally off.

Recently I have been combining a matte-finish foundation with my dewy foundations in order to amp up the lasting power, and the results have been fantastic. Covergirl Ready, Set, Gorgeous has a lovely natural matte finish, but sometimes I’d like more of a glow to my skin. By combining this with NARS Sheer Glow I created what can only be described as a magically perfect superwoman foundation that not only has the finish of Sheer Glow that I love, but the lasting power of Ready Set Gorgeous that I need. I also have a bit of a tan left over from my vacation so the shade match is a lot better for me by combining these two. I have also combined Ready Set Gorgeous with the Flower Beauty About Face Foundation and the results are great!

I know some people are iffy about combining foundation, but after doing this many many times, I am a believer. If you can create a better formula that works for you, then why not?! The key is to try out the combination on a day you’re closer to home and not out for too long, just in case it doesn’t work out. (That being said, I’ve never used a combination that didn’t work out).

Definitely try out these tips and combining two foundations (one dewy one matte) and hopefully this helps you as much as it helped me!

Let me know if you guys combine your foundations too, or any other tips you have for making your makeup last longer!

Favourites of March!

Just like that. It’s April. How did we get here so quickly?! I for one am very happy as this brings me one step closer to finishing this semester off, and one step closer to my trip to England with my best friends!!

I am still pushing through my no-buy and I am happy to report that so far I have been successful! I have only purchased one product and that was with a Sephora gift card… So I made the executive decision that it didn’t count.. 🙂

Anyways, let’s get into my monthly favourites!

Sometimes – or a lot of the time – I am always trying new products and I forget about some special gems in my collection. This beauty is no exception: The Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Dollface. It is a perfect matte doll pink that applies easily and wears amazingly. It is just so simple and effortless to use and I have fallen back in love with it this month! I finally hit pan on it – best feeling in the world – I know it will take me quite a while to finish this product.


I purchased a new eye cream during the Target Canada closing sale, the Burt’s Bees Radiance Eye Cream with Royal Jelly. This is a very moisturizing eye cream and it has been really helping me in this last month of school. It’s super refreshing and I *think* it has helped with dark circles, although I can’t be completely sure. It definitely has helped with fine lines from long nights and no sleep! I have been really loving putting this on every night, the natural/earthy smell is amazing.


This month was my birthday and I was given the Naked on the Run set and I’m absolutely loving it. Inside that beautiful little box is an Urban Decay Naked Ultra Nourishing Gloss in Sesso.   Ohhhhh myyyyy gosh, this lipgloss is amazing. The colour is simply perfect for a little bit of glow on the lips. It lasts well. It tastes like mint. It’s just overall super pretty. It is slightly sticky for my taste, but it’s amazing enough that it doesn’t even bother me. Also, can I just add that the packaging is so pretty and GOLD. I love gold.


Now, here’s my little gift to myself during my no-buy. Tokyo milk Dark in Tainted Love.  I did buy it with a gift card so I decided that it doesn’t count… maybe I’m pushing the rules a bit, but I’ve admired this perfume for months. I’m seriously obsessed with this scent. It’s spicy and sweet and just pure amazingness. Don’t ask me to actually explain the notes because I definitely cannot. I’ll just Google it. Ok, dark vanilla bean, orchid, citrus, sandalwood. I don’t change my perfume very often, I usually stick with a few and don’t deviate.. In the summer I use Especially Escada and in the winter I was using Vera Wang Princess and some Bath and Body Works sprays. I love vanilla, amber and sandalwood bases the most! I’m sure it won’t be long till I buy the full bottle.


Last month I ran out of Bioderma Micellar water and I noticed that Superstore has started carrying the Simple Cleansing Water! I’ve been using this for over 3 weeks and I’ve barely put a dent in it. It works extremely well to take off my eye makeup, just as well as Bioderma does, and it’s way less expensive! This is definitely a winner in my books and I can see this as a repeat purchase in the future. After trying the Sephora cleansing water and really hating it – the scent was SO strong and unbearable – I’m glad I’ve found another option!


My random favourite of the month is a new fast-health-food place called b.good! I am OBSESSED with this place and I can’t stop going there for lunch! It is a chain from Boston in the US that is now branching into Canada. They source all their meats and produce from local farmers and everything is fresh, clean and healthy. I love the Roasted Butternut Salad and the Three Green Smoothie! If you have a b.good in your area, you should definitely try it!

That’s what I’ve been loving in the month of March! What have you guys been loving?

Quick Take: LA Girl HD Pro Concealer

As a very hyped up product I of course had to get my hands on it to try for myself! I purchased mine from ftbbeauty.ca for around $5 in the shade classic Ivory. (Just to clarify, I bought this a couple months ago and not during my no-buy!)

Let me start with what I think is the most important aspect of this product: the shade. This product has an amazing range of shades, especially for darker skin tones. With that said, I find the classic Ivory shade to be very pink/peachy toned. It is so pink that it is practically the same colour as my NYX undereye corrector.

At first this shade turned me off. It doesn’t match me and I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with this product. (You can see the LA Girl concealer on the right and NARS Vanilla on the left. Don’t be fooled by the colour of my hand, I was on vacation recently, but my face is not this colour.) Then I realized something, this is a perfect undereye corrector for me! My biggest problem with the NYX corrector is that the coconut oil in it makes it crease and it doesn’t have good staying power. This concealer however has very good staying power, so it works perfectly as a corrector underneath my concealer.

Bottom line: the formula is good and it does a good job. Unfortunately this is the lightest shade and it is far from being Ivory. If you can make this work as a corrector then that’s fantastic. If this is still too dark for you as a corrector then I wouldn’t be too upset, it isn’t my favourite concealer and there are plenty of better options on the market!

Project No-Buy / 100 Followers!

This is simple: I have a lot of makeup and I need to start getting through it. I am heading to England at the end of April and I have a list of goodies that I want to pick up there. So, I have decided that for the next month I will not be buying any makeup or products. I know a month doesn’t sound very long, and it really isn’t, but it will be a good start to save my money and appreciate all the lovely products I already own. Then when I return from my trip, I will most likely continue – or try to continue – on the no-buy. 

Are any of you on a no-buy or plan to be in the future? Anyone successfully complete a no-buy? (I tried once and I lasted a week because a new foundation came out and I had to buy it… shameful, I know. I hope posting here will keep me accountable!) 

On another note, last week I reached 100 followers and I just wanted to say thank you all! I started this blog because I was blabbing my friends ears off about makeup and I needed an outlet. I never expected to have many followers but this is pretty awesome! It has been very fun for me to post my thoughts and reviews over the last few months, and I hope I have shared some useful information for you all! xx

Sephora Birthday Gift!


I was very excited to receive this year’s Sephora Birthday Gift! This year on your birthday you will receive two NARS lip pencils! They are a very good size, I guess they could be considered “mini” size. 

The full size of these retail for $26 Canadian each for 0.07 oz. The birthday gift size is 0.05 oz each so we are really getting a great deal and a great birthday gift!

The first is the Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella. This is a gorgeous deep blue-hued red. It is very pigmented, applies like a dream and feels amazing on the lips. It has good staying power, just needed to be reapplied after eating. I have trouble finding reds that suit me, and let me tell you I think this red was made for me. It beats out my last go-to red Mac Ruby Woo by a long shot! Any of the ladies out there who have trouble finding a good red shade they’re comfortable in, this one might be it. Sephora describes it as a “scarlett red”.

  Bottom – Cruella, Top – Rikugien. 

Cruella comes across slightly lighter here than in person. In person it looks deeper. 

The second is the Satin Lip Pencil in Rikugien. It is a gorgeous shimmery rosey pink. The formula is creamy and applies so nicely. It feels really nice on the lips and lasts well. The shimmer almost gives the illusion of a gloss without the extra step. It’s a gorgeous shade for day to day! 

NARS lip pencils are some of my favourite lip products. The matte truly is like velvet and the satin gives such a gorgeous shine. I would also highly suggest the shade Dolce Vita in the matte velvet line, it is one of my favourites. 

I am very happy with this birthday gift – I mean for how much time and money we spend in Sephora we should be getting a great gift!! 

What do you all think of this year’s birthday gift?