Quick Take: Brow Gel


Do you know what that sound was? It was the sound of thousands of brow products hitting drug store shelves across the nation in 2014. 2014 was definitely the year of the brows, and the trend is carrying on strong. Personally, I don’t think it should ever end. The difference that well-groomed brows make is absolutely astounding.

Now, that being said, there are definitely some fine lines. Too much, too little, too harsh, too soft, too fake, too this too that yada yada yada. It is definitely important to perfect your brow routine to whatever suits your features. I mean, I think it’s common sense, but then I see bleach blonde girls with black eye brows and realize that common sense is not so common :P. But hey, whatever you like, it’s up to you. No judgement here… 🙂

Skinny brow pencils have changed my life. They are just SO EASY. A lazy girl’s dream come true. If you want to see my review/dupes of skinny brow pencils, click here.

After my brow pencil, I must set my brows because I was blessed with the crazy brow hairs that aren’t straight and like to fall and just no. So setting them with a brow gel is oh so important.


The popular option is Anastasia brow gel. It’s rated amazing on makeup alley and on sephora. Now, I just finished a travel size tube of this a couple months ago and I have to say while it is great, it’s not my favourite. Here’s why. It seriously holds your brows in place, so much so that they become rock hard. I honestly found I was losing brow hairs because it was hardening them so much – and isn’t that the opposite of the point here?? I’m filling in my brows because they’re sparse… but now this stuff is making them more sparse… No bueno. I also find it to be ridiculously over priced. I have no problem paying a pretty penny for a great high-end product, but when it’s something that I can find a dupe for from the drug store – no thanks! But seriously, how come no one is talking about how this stuff makes your brows SO hard?! I find it so strange.

Deep Brown-Brow Drama-pack

Next I tried the Maybelline brow drama. This has definitely been all the rage for a while, but it’s not my favourite either. Here’s why. While it does supply colour (pardon my Canadian) to the brows, it does not hold them well. Here’s a case where the high-end product is absolutely worth it; The Benefit Gimme Brow – which people say the maybelline is a dupe for – it gives colour, holds brows in place AND it has mini fibres.  I tried a sample of the gimme brow, but I have yet to buy it, it’s on my list!


Finally enter in probably one of the cheapest yet most effective beauty products I’ve ever bought: Essence brow gel. You know, Essence, that cute little display that looks like it should be beside the flavoured lip smackers section? Yes, overlook the style ok, the products are amazing and ridiculously cheap. This particular brow gel is $2.99 and it does its job.. very well. It holds my brows all day long, but here’s the kicker, they do not get crunchy and hard! It’s like the mousse that claims to not make your hair crunchy, except it’s actually true! My brows don’t move but they also aren’t rock hard. Now, why do I love this and not the classic great lash clear mascara? It’s not as wet. You know the feeling of putting brow gel on and it’s just too much and you can feel it on your skin… nope. I find great lash picks up a bit too much product while essence doesn’t. Also, essence is cheaper!

I’m really in love with this stuff, and for $3 who wouldn’t be. Mmmmbye Anastasia! Cya never!


2 thoughts on “Quick Take: Brow Gel

  1. stashmatters says:

    So great you found a $3 option that’s good quality! I’ve never tried Anastasia Beverly Hills – something about that brand rubs me the wrong way. Crunchy brows, no thanks! I know someone who swears by the Benefit Gimme Brow.

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