Empties Update! (Yes, more!)

The clear evidence of being on a no-buy: so. many. empties. 

I think there’s a certain mentality that is adopted when going on a no-buy. At least for me, I’ve been not only not buying new products, but I’ve been really making an effort to use what I have. I’m really appreciating my collection and rediscovering products that were hidden in the back of my drawers. 

I do have to say that I have bought a few things here and there, but I am really ok with that. It hasn’t been anything major and hasn’t effected how I’m using my products. All in all, after 12 weeks, I am very happy with this no-buy journey and I really recommend trying it if you’re a beauty junky!

Here are the empties I have accumulated since last time!

Rimmel lasting finish 25 hour foundation – the original one – I actually liked the original way better. I find the new formula looks grey on my skin and I’m not a fan, though it does have excellent coverage and lasting power. 

Bourjois healthy mix serum foundation. I love this foundation but I’m having an affair with the original healthy mix (not serum) that I bought in England. I find it lasts longer and has better coverage, as I mentioned in my favourites.

Annabelle skinny brown pencil. My total go-to brow pencil. It’s basically the same as Anastasia except it’s $10!

Sephora waterproof brow pencil. Ok, I don’t know where they get off calling this waterproof, it’s the same as all the other skinny brow pencils I’ve tried, but it is a good option and still cheaper than Anastasia brow wiz. 

Jesses Girl liner. I loved this liner and it lasted me a good amount of time, but it suddenly dried out without warning. It went from totally wet to totally dry by the next time I tried to use it. And the lid was on fine. Maybe it just gave up!

Maybelline lash sensational. I’m not going to bother you guys any more about my favourite HG mascara… ☺️

Victoria Secret bombshell perfume. I honestly think this is the hottest smell in the world. It is just so damn sexy. I will definitely buy this again, just not till the Boxing Day sale… Because I think it’s slightly expensive for what it is. 

Simple cleansing water. My new alternative to bioderma that works just as well and keeps more money in my pockets! Try it. 

Okay sensitive face wash. A very basic cleanser that i’ve been using for a while. I used harsh cleansers. I used proactiv (yikes). I used cleansing milks. I used cleansing balms. But I have settled for this as a very fuss-free option that doesn’t clog my pores, leave my face tight and dry, and doesn’t break the bank. I’ve been using this for over a year and a half and it took me so long to get through it (I have two bottles on the go but still). 

Cerave PM. My HG moisturizer that doesn’t clog me and provides great skin loving ingredients. I mix this with a high linoleic safflower oil and it works wonders. 

Kirkland face wipes: the best for the cheapest price. I wash my face after using a wipe anyways, most people do, so why spend so much money on face wipes?! Costco has a huge box of these for $13. Do it. 

Simple face wipes: NOTE: these burned my skin. They hurt so bad. I have used them before and I didn’t have that problem, but the two packs I had burned my face like crazy. And it wasn’t just me, my two friends tried them and had the same burning sensation! Crazy! Simple, what gives?! 


Batiste dry shampoo. I don’t think I need to explain this.

ProNamel toothpaste. Ok so random I know, but this toothpaste is awesome. And not for the reasons you would think. If you deal with dry lips, rashes, eczema around your mouth, try changing your toothpaste! Most toothpastes have foaming agents in them which can irritate your lips and skin. Pronamel doesn’t foam up, so I switched to it and my eczema went away! Not to mention it does help your enamel so that’s always great. 

Live Clean keratin oil shampoo. I honestly think I’ve gone through like 7 of these… I am so in love. Live clean is an amazing brand as well. Their products are natural and great for sensitive scalps/skin. I find this shampoo cleanses well without stripping my hair and making it dry. Also it smells heavenly. 


And that is what I’ve gone through since my last empties update! A lot, I know! I’m very proud of myself. I also have noticed I am getting into some serious holy grail item routines. My moisturizer, cleanser, shampoo, conditioner, mascara, wipes, ect have not changed since last year. It is nice trying new things, but it’s also really nice creating a routine and HG items for yourself. I’m enjoying it! 



4 thoughts on “Empties Update! (Yes, more!)

  1. stashmatters says:

    I found SO many half used bottles of stuff in my cabinets when I started my no-buy – it was ridiculous! It’s good that you’re not beating up yourself over buying a few things here and there. And you only bought a few things and didn’t go nuts buying up the store. Sometimes it’s good to let yourself have a treat. 🙂
    That’s amazing you used up 2 foundations and a perfume! Those things typically take me a long time to go through. Great job!

    Liked by 1 person

    • InTheAllieWay says:

      Thanks!! The foundations bother me because there’s still some Inside but the types of bottles won’t let me get to the last drops lol. I have to give myself some room to breathe or I think I would go insane, also I am purchasing my mascara and HG items if I run out. But I think the bottom line is in experiencing the no-buy and the benefits from it! And I know, the half used bottles thing is just terrible. So many lotions!! I’m finally using them all up.

      Liked by 1 person

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