Favourites of May / MIA ME! / No-Buy Update!

Oh well hello there lovely peoples of the Internet world. It’s that time again, another month is over (zomg) and June has begun! Summer is here!! (If you’re Canadian though you know we’re still waiting and we will be all summer for consistent “summer” weather).  I have been completely MIA for the last month and I really did miss posting. As soon as I got back from England I started working and I have just been busy as a bee lately! But rest assured (as if you really care) IM HERE and IM ALIVE.  So here you go my friends, here are my May favourites!

Numero uno is more like an obsession. I picked up the original Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in England and I have been using it for a month straight now. Every day I mix it with a tiny bit of Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous to add a little more coverage and longevity. It is such a nice foundation. I would say the biggest difference between this and the Healthy Mix Serum is that this one has slightly better coverage and is not as dewy. It also lasts a bit longer than the serum version. I do prefer this one over the serum because I prefer a medium coverage and my skin tends to get oily.

Next is the love of my mascara life, Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara. I have seriously been using this since December when it became available in Canada. I’ve used about a tube a month, as that’s how long it takes me to go through it / dry it out. I might talk about this a tad too much but I just think it’s the best ever. If you are not into waterproof but deal with smudgy mascara, try this! The formula is somewhere in between regular and waterproof but it isn’t as hard to get off as waterproof is.

I have a nail polish favourite this month, Essie Mind Your Mittens. I guess by the sounds of the name this is supposed to be a winter shade… But hey, I’m all for black and anything that looks remotely black. This does look black in the dark but it’s really a dark navy / grey colour. It stays on well with a base and top coat and I’m really loving it right now!

I am all for getting my hair dyed as few times as possible… Around 3 times a year I get blonde highlights and then between dyes I use this L’oreal Casting Sunkiss by Healthy Look. I strategically place this on my roots and in places highlights would naturally go. It does such a great job and really helps as my hair grows out. This honestly saves me a ton of money and it smells amazing! No damaging effects and it looks super natural. You really can’t mess it up because it’s so gradual. In love! (PS – whenever I use a product like this I am reminded of my 9 year old self using sun-in by the pool… anyone else?)

I think if I had to use one cream for the rest of my life it would be this. The Weleda Skin Food.  I had heard such great things about this product, and not just for your hands. Many people use it on their face, I personally haven’t been brave enough yet, but people love it. It has an earthy natural yummy smell and it’s super thick. I originally bought this for the plane to England and now I’m just obsessed! Do you even see how loved this thing is??

Ok so maybe I bought this product because of the name. Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t. Ok I did. But it’s really lovely as well. Essence Almost Famous lipstick. Almost Famous is my favourite movie and when I saw this lipstick I could not pass it up. Let’s be real, it was only $2.99 so come on. I actually really love the scent and it’s a very moisturizing formula. It’s a very sheer red so it’s nice for a touch of colour without actually wearing a bold lipstick. This lives in my purse.


Oh Atelier. How I love thee. I’ve been wearing this perfume almost every day and I’m in love. The Atelier scents are all naturally derived and they last FOR-EV-ER. It smells like warm vanilla with a mix of something else that I’m not going to even try to describe. Super amazing quality product and you definitely get what you pay for with this one.

So there we have my May Favourites. I cannot believe May is over. Doing these favourites make the months seem faster, yikes!

No-Buy Update!

I have been on my no-buy for 11 weeks now. Apart from two smalls cheats and my England haul (which i planned and was allowed) I have done very well. I am only buying the things I absolutely need. I wish I had a dollar amount for how much I’ve saved! Probably somewhere in the $300 range… eek! My empties are accumulating like crazy, even though I did an empties post only 5 weeks age! There will be another soon! I am going to Chicago next week and I have another allowance planned for Ulta and Sephora! It seems like the trend is that my “allowances” are planned around my trips. It’s perfect to grab things that us Canadians cannot get our hands on!


5 thoughts on “Favourites of May / MIA ME! / No-Buy Update!

  1. StyledWithJoy says:

    Thanks for comparing the healthy mix foundation to the one I have (+ serum). Very good to know as I have not opened it yet and also have oily skin. And that lash sensational sounds amazing for something that isn’t waterproof!


  2. beautyandbaklava says:

    I love the scent of Weleda Skin Food too. I feel like I want to be an old lady and get some of those cotton gloves that you can get for wearing at night after you’ve applied a hand cream like Skin Food and wake up with baby’s bottom soft hands haha!

    Liked by 1 person

    • InTheAllieWay says:

      It was great!! I really enjoyed it. Boots was awesome, I went in a few times. I am really loving the original healthy mix foundation, which I can’t get in Canada. I stocked up on it because it was 2 for 14 pounds!

      Liked by 1 person

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