England Makeup Haul!!

I just recently returned from a trip to England and I of course could not return to Canada without some goodies! I made a list in advance as I am still on a no-buy, but I onviously had to take a small break from it while on my trip. My list only focused on items I could not get in Canada, or that were a better deal in England (spoiler alert – not too much was a better deal because of the exchange rate 😲).

Firstly I picked up something that I have been wanting to try for a while, the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation. I am a big fan of the Healthy Mix Serum but it is very light coverage and doesn’t last too long on my skin. I had heard that the original Healthy Mix has a medium coverage and better longevity… It’s true! I bought one bottle at the beginning of my trip and I ended up buying more at the end because I knew I was already obsessed. The healthy mix serum is available in Canada at some shoppers drug marts for around $30, but the original healthy mix is not (hence me stocking up). Bourjois products were 2 for £14 (which is around $28 Canadian so this was one of the items that was a better deal). I grabbed my regular (52 vanilla) and tanned shade (53 beige).

The next product I bought, also from Bourjois, was the Healthy Balance Powder. As it was about half price to buy it at Boots rather than in Canada at SDM, I decided to pick it up. Do I need more powders? Absolutely not. Am I happy I bought this? SO HAPPY. This powder is really great, it is very finely milled and is super slim and light so it’s a perfect compact. It does its job and that’s all I ask for.

This next product I actually already have, but I needed to pick up a lighter shade (warm 2) as the one I have suits my tanned face. The Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer is all the rage. It is inexpensive at £3.99 ($8 Canadian) and is a really great little concealer. I have to say I am spoiled by NARS creamy concealer, so I have a tendency to compare everything to it, which never works out for the other products haha. This concealer reminds me of the Maybelline fit me, but just not quite as creamy. They have another thing in common, as you can see the branding is already rubbing off!

I have had my eye on the Sleek Contour and Highlight Kit for quite a while. Well, I’ve had my eye on sleek for quite a while in general. I had a few blushers and bronzes listed to pick up, but I ended up going with just this one. I still had to somewhat maintain my no-buy mentality so I didn’t go crazy. I’m very happy with this little duo that I bought for £6.50. The highlight shade is very pretty neutral highlight and the contour shade reminds me of benefit hoola. It is also quite sleek packaging too (pun intended) so it’s great for travel.

This little eyeshadow has been very hard to find in Canada (is it even available in Canada??) and I was so happy to find it in Boots for about £3. Tanya Burr used this Rimmel Eyeshadow in Smokey Quartz for years and I was always obsessed with it. It comes across lighter in picture but it’s such a pretty goldy taupe/brown on the eyes. (… I really cannot describe colours…sorry..).

The last thing I picked up, which I unfortunately do not have a picture of, is some Batiste dry shampoo as it was a better deal to buy in England. I was pretty happy with that as they had some scents I’ve never seen before!

I also did some clothes shopping at Topshop, New Look and Primark which I was very happy with. But again, the exchange rate is a nightmare for us Canadians so I really needed to watch my spending. I was always doubling the cost of things because that is essentially the exchange rate (yikes)!

I had a fantastic time visiting England and even though I was very tame with my makeup haul, I am very happy with my purchases!!

Now, back to project no-buy!!


3 thoughts on “England Makeup Haul!!

  1. stashmatters says:

    Wow, you got great deals! I would have never thought it would be cheaper in the UK than in Canada, lol!
    I do really like that Bourjois Healthy Balance powder, it’s very finely milled and the coverage is really natural.
    Ooooh I’m so jealous you got the Collection concealer, it’s one I’ve been wanting to try for ages.
    Great haul, and yes, you were VERY tame. Good job! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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